A230A: Reading and Studying Literature I
Despite the continuous reassurance offered by the ultimate Optimist Pangloss that “we live in the best of all possible worlds,” Candide is faced by a long-standing force of evil, pain, and suffering that leads him to expose the flaws of his tutor’s philosophical teachings. After he was banished from the Baron’s castle, Candide embarks on a journey where he encounters incidents and characters that offer one example after another of evil, suffering, pain and misfortune. How is Candide’s philosophical views in Voltaire’s work Candide put to trail? How is evil depicted? Discuss several key incidents and characters Candide encounters throughout his sojourn that shake his belief in Optimism. Does Candide finally realize the flaws in the philosophy of Optimism? Does he oppose Pangloss’ views? In your view, how, if at all, does his perspective change?

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